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Jos Marko

  • Los Angeles, California, États-Unis

Interview with Jos Marko by Kevin de Sousa (iKeviin)

Artist informations

  • Joshua Markowitz
  • Birth date : Not specifiede
  • Location : Los Angeles, California, États-Unis
  • Position held : Not specified
  • Type : Not specified
  • Musical years : Not specified

Hello Jos Marko, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Josh Marko is a producer/DJ originally from Seattle, WA and currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

Why and when did you start in music?

At Garfield high school Josh joined the drum line and fell in love with rhythm and percussion. This new found passion sparked an interest in production—and lead to involvement in the local scene—collaborating with hip hop acts like Ike Watson, Spaceman, D Meance & Kid Jones.

What are your influences?

Fritz Carlton, Ash Riser, Dirtybird and Dekmantel.

What was your first project? When did he release?

About 9 months ago I changed my name from DJ Marko to Jos Marko, and my first release was titled "Get It", He was release at April 11, 2017.

A few words about your collaboration with iKeviin?

I loved it! Will continue to work with Kevin in the future!

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