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  • Houston, Texas, United States

Interview with Va'Sean by Kevin de Sousa (iKeviin)

Artist informations

  • Jeremiah Alfred
  • Birth date : Not specifiede
  • Location : Houston, Texas, United States
  • Position held : Not specified
  • Type : Not specified
  • Musical years : Not specified

Hello Va’Sean, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Jeremiah Alfred but I go by Va'Sean for my stage name which is my middle name. I'm 26 years old and I'm from Beaumont, Texas which is about 80 miles east of Houston Texas. I currently reside in Houston, Texas and have been living here for a little over 2 years now.

Why and when did you start in music?

I started writing music when I was around 11 or 12 years old with my cousins. We would gather instrumentals from anywhere we could and just pretty much write songs to them. I've always loved reciting songs on the radio and could probably recite any rap song that came on. To this day I still do that! The feeling of writing my own song to an instrumental and completion of it when it meshes together is reoccurring and indescribable.

What are your influences?

I would have to say my influences are my label mates because we are a group of talented individuals. The vibe that we give each other is just unreal and we feed off of each other.

What was your first project? When did he release?

My First project was a joint project in 2009 I think with my label mate Steven Haynes called "Underrated and Undebated". We scraped up what cash we could as teens to buy Pro tools and other equipment we could afford and pretty much taught ourselves how to operate it.

Why are you continuing?

I continue to do what I do because I feel like I have a talent to be heard. I want to entertain people and I want people to have jusy as much fun with my music as I'm having when I'm creating it. Anyone who's a music head knows what I mean. MUSIC is just a getaway for anything.

What's your best music video?

I haven't done many music videos because I'm a perfectionist and I want everything to look professional. To get that quality it requires a nice amount of funds unless you know people. I was off of the music scene for about three years from 2013 because my job required me to travel so much and I kind of lost touch with it. I'm back now and there will be plenty of music videos to come I promise.

Do you have any thanks?

I would like to thank everyone that supports me, my label mates and you (iKeviin) for giving me this opportunity to be heard.

A few words about your collaboration with iKeviin?

This collaboration with iKeviin has been great and I look forward to working with iKeviin in the future.

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